About Zumbrun Construction in Fort Wayne, IN

Building methods and technologies have changed, but the family-owned business philosophy at Zumbrun Construction Company, Inc is the same as always. Our mission is to provide quality construction services and management that exceeds our clients expectations in the Northeast Indiana region.

Doing It Right

Our responsibility is to make sure you're satisfied with the complete building process. We do that by having our foreman on-site virtually every minute of the workday. Experience shows that small errors in construction can turn out to be serious further down the line. Even the most experienced client can't see underground to the foundation or behind finished walls. Therefore, our promise is to make sure the work is done right the first time.

We Promise:

  • To make the work go smoothly.
  • To finish the job on time.
  • To do the job with high quality that reflects the specifications you have established.

Company History

Omar Zumbrun started our construction company more than 80 years ago in Allen County. Since then, Zumbrun Construction has expanded to serve the Tri-State Area. Our staff includes
  • Tad D. Marsh - President
  • Mike Zumbrun - Project Manager/Estimator
  • Steve Baumgarte - Project Manager/Estimator
  • Tracy Evans – Treasurer/Accountant
  • Peggy Eschenbacher - Administrative Assistant.
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